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Kindergartens, primary and secondary schools

Pedagogical programs for kindergartens, primary and secondary schools.

We offer a wide range of educational programs. 

On guided tours, students discover the stories of the past, and we enrich their cultural and technical days with experience workshops. We present the content in a child-friendly, interactive and interesting way, while at the same time we link the contents to the school curricula.

Our programs are presented in more detail in the e-booklet (in Slovene), and we are also happy to adapt them to the expectations and specifics of your group.

More about the programs

Hint: The most popular workshops for kindergartens and the first triad of elementary school

  • Shoemaker's workshop (slippers making)
  • Writing with goose feathers
  • Baking buns in Kurnik's House
  • wool felting

Hint: High school students

High school groups most often visit the Ljubelj/Mauthausen Concentration Camp memorial park and museum.

For kindergartens and primary schools

By visiting Pollak's Manor, Kurnik's House, Atrij Gallery and Paviljon NOB Gallery, you can enable the youngest to experience heritage and art in an interactive and interesting way.

Visit the experiential, educational, experiential and creative programs with the students, which we create with you in mind at the Tržič Museum.

With our programs, you can bring different topics closer to your students and deepen or enrich your cultural, sports and technical days.

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For high schools

With our educational, experiential and creative programs, you can introduce students to various topics and enrich your history, art and other programs.

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