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Atrij Gallery (Galerija Atrij)

Monday-Friday: 9.00–17.00

Tržič Museum
+386 (0)4 5315 500

Atrij gallery

Galerija Atrij, notranjost

The Galerija Atrij gallery of the Municipality of Tržič is the municipality’s main exhibition space for displays of artwork. Tržič Museum endeavours to make it an interesting exhibition space and a centre for art lovers and connoisseurs. The location provides the opportunity for temporary exhibitions of all art genres for acclaimed artists with whom we wish to promote Slovenian visual art and present young artists. The program also includes exhibitions of photography, amateur painters and sometimes we also prepare historical exhibitions on a theme.


Janita Košir
+386 (0)4 5315 500

Location and access

Atrij gallery of the Municipality of Tržič
Trg svobode 18
4290 Tržič

Floor plan

Galerija Atrij, tloris

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