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Partisan printing works of the Kokrica detachment

Illegal printers

In the forest above the Dovžanova soteska gorge, where there used to be a printing works, stands the hut of the Partisan printing works of the Kokrica detachment, in which one can see tools, equipment and printed material from the time when this secret printing works was operating.


About Partisan printing works

During World War Two, these illegal printing works were meant for printing and distributing propaganda material. In the region of Gorenjska the first ones were set up in 1942. In the years 1944–45 the printing works of the Kokrica detachment played an important role in encouraging the population to stand up against the occupier. It was built on a carefully chosen location, which allowed the provision of food and materials as well as good courier connections and the possibility of a safe retreat. Despite being frequently in the vicinity, the occupying forces never discovered it.

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