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The barons Born family

The barons who left a lasting mark on Tržič

In the room dedicated to the barons Born we can see objects from their legacy as well as other objects from a bourgeois and noble environment.

Baron Julij Born came to Tržič at the end of the 19th century. He bought a large estate from the Kranjska industrijska družba and began to develop the Tržič economy intensively. He was a passionate hunter and owned the mercury mine in Podljubelj. In Jelendol he built a sawmill and he owned and managed mountain pastures and forests. He died after six years living in Tržič; he had three children. The eldest was Friderik, born in 1873, the second Karl, born in 1876, and the third Elfrida, born in 1880. Elfrida moved away from Tržič while Friderik and Karl stayed and managed his estates and property. Karl in particular is fondly remembered by the people and was valued as a good businessman.

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